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Garage Door Marketing by Such n Such Media

To get to know our company, you need to know where we came from and how we got here.

The visionary of Such n Such Media is the founder, Ryan Lucia. Ryan has a diverse background comprising mostly of sales, marketing, and leadership. Ryan is a high school drop out who with hard work and a commitment to self-improvement found ways to grow companies on a large scale.

He launched a company in 2006 called EG Marketing. EG specialized in online marketing, primarily SEO. Ryan had been performing SEO since 2000 when he was asked to manage three websites for a car dealership he worked for at the age of 20 years old. He grew the department for three dealers exponentially. While building EG, he got connected with a garage door company that was in transition in California. This company and the owner would eventually change Ryan’s life and the direction it went in forever. He took on a garage door company named Aaron Overhead Door as a client of EG. A few years later Ryan was recruited to start a sales department for a promising tech startup near Atlanta. He and his team grew that company, and they had extreme success and a lot of fun doing it. They eventually got acquired for 65 million dollars. Ryan then decided he wanted to do something different, so he and Larry from Aaron Overhead Doors in California agreed to launch an Aaron Overhead Door Atlanta. Starting a garage door company was 100% out of Ryan’s expertise because he didn’t even know the name of the tools he needed. The excitement of learning something new and challenging is what drove him to success. Aaron Overhead Doors Atlanta is now four years old and has won many awards locally and nationally. Ryan has been in your shoes as a garage door company; he understands your challenges. He successfully manages and markets Aaron Overhead Doors. In 2019 we launched Garage Door Marketing by Such n Such Media with a focus on Garage Door companies. We offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to, SEO, Web Design, Branding, Growth Strategies, Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing.

Our team at the moment is small but talented. We are ready to ramp up and grow, the more clients we get, the more resources we will have to serve you. By hiring us, you have access to someone who has successfully grown multiple companies with extreme growth, including a garage door companies. We never forget the companies who helped us get off the ground! 

Meet The Team

A Team Dedicated To Your Success

garage door marketing
Ryan Lucia Garage Door Marketing

Founder/Lead SEO & Consulting

Austin Sinclair Garage Door Marketing

Marketing | Design Specalist

Hannah Bradford social media specialist

Hannah Bradford
Social Media Specialist

Adrian Content Creator Garage Door Marketing

Adrian Stanescu
Content Creator | Podcast Engineer


I decided to trust Ryan with this project and he did not disappoint. The outcome was nothing short of amazing. These guys are easy to work with and were very perceptive to my needs. I would recommend Such n Such Media to anyone.

Greg G.

When an issue occurred, Ryan used his many skills to resolve my issues quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Ryan & am glad to have worked with him. 

Dayn R.

His (Ryan) ability to listen to customers effectively and leverage internal relationships allow him to offer solutions t his customers that will help them solve their specific business challenges rapidly. 

Vijay D.

Ryan is a true leader and I could not ask for a better mentor to learn and work with. 

Kimberly S.

Ryan is a creative thinker who gives those around him the tools they need to succeed. He is open to almost any approach as long as it delivers results. He manages with a fail fast mentality and is invested in the success of his team and his company. Ryan’s teams always produce results and have a lot of fun along the way. 

Adam F.

His (Ryan’s) knowledge in marketing, operations, and technology have helped me grow my garage door business over 40%.

Larry C.

I had the distinguished opportunity to work with Ryan over the course of this past year. He exemplified enthusiasm and forward-thinking in everything that he did. Ryan possesses a strong desire to master his craft, allowing him to influence customers and peers alike in a thoughful and educational manner. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future. 

Lealand B.

For the businesses looking to invest in a partnership with the company Ryan is with know that you are not only getting a man with integrity, but one with a wealth of knowledge. He will assist you in accomplishing your business goals. 

Charamaine A.

The man (Ryan) was amazing in the way he could direct us to succeed. When he said something, he would do it, all the time. 

Scott F.

Ryan exudes enthusiasm, positive energy and a passion for everything his does. Ryan is always looking to improve and learn new technologies, he has strong mentoring and training skills, he is extremely knowledgeable and sincerely cares about his clientele. 

Bridget S.

I am extremely happy with the results we have received! Ryan is a class act and he is always thinking about new innovative ideas. I highly recommend him to anyone considering his services. 

David P.

His (Ryan) integrity and honesty is second to none and I truly consider him my brother. To say I love this guy and will be friends with him for life barely scratches the surface of how highly I regard him professionally and personally.

Erick K.

Ryan has been a true vendor partner and ally.

Rob F.

Ryan brought many new ideas to the table that led to stunning growth. 

Brett S.

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