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Providing marketing for garage door companies since 2005. Ryan Lucia, the founder of Such n Such Media, started his own garage door company, Aaron Overhead Doors of Buford, GA, in 2015. In a flooded market, using his marketing and sales strategies, his business experienced unprecedented growth, even winning local and industry awards. He’s now offering those same marketing strategies through Garage Door Marketing by Such n Such Media. In fact, his methods can be applied to any type of company in any market to help a business grow.

Buford and the Atlanta area are EXTREMELY fortunate to have Aaron Overhead Doors as the best option for Garage Door sales and service. My name is Jim; I own JC Overhead Door in Gillett, PA, in business for 26 years. Ryan, the owner of Aaron Overhead Door Co., on June 4-6 of this year, allowed me to come in and examine every aspect of his high-class operation. I was invited to the Team Meeting, sales and service calls with Matt and Ryan, and behind the scenes with Heather and Tisha. I have never seen an owner and team so involved and concerned with each and every detail of the customer’s experience. When you are a customer of Aaron Overhead Doors, you are part of the family.

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People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

Simon Sinek

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My entire life I’ve been given opportunities to grow companies. There is nothing more rewarding than rolling my sleeves up and building something special. I do what I do because I love leading people to a common goal that may feel unobtainable until they reach it. Every garage door company has a story. We want to be your story teller! People in your market need to know who you are and why you do what you do. They need to see your passion for your trade. We do what we do because your story is a treasure and we want to help you tell the world!

-Ryan Lucia, Founder

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